We Take Pride In Your Ride

Welcome to New Image Car Wash! Idaho Falls only Full Service Wash

We take pride in your ride. Established in 1978, we are here to serve anyone who is in need of free vacuums, full service wash, dog wash, window tint, oil and lube, tunnel wash, delicate wash, headlight restoration, windshield repair, hand scrub, hand dry, interior services and any service related to cars.

New Image Carwash

As a service provider, we take pride in presenting a shiny new car to our customers and make their ride smoother. We use fire glaze auto polish to make your car look as if it has just been taken out of the showroom! See the proof here.

Happy customers are our first priority and thus we have several options available for them in terms of service packages. Depending on the customer requirements, we have several customized offers for them, to choose from.

For your convenience we offer a $15 basic interior clean which includes:

  • windows inside and out
  • vacuum car and trunk
  • spray down door jams and rubber mats
  • wipe down dash and cup holders

Available with all washes and packages

Beverly Velez

I took my Suburban into the oil change part of the New Image Car Wash not realizing that with my $39 plus tax that I'd be getting a free car wash. I don't know much about the oil changes but I know that the man who did it was very knowledgeable and courteous to me. And when I picked up my car after it being cleaned I've come to realize that I'm a spoiled brat and will have my car washed more often because I love driving it when it’s clean. Inside the building is equipped with TVs to see what's going on with my car, a diner to eat out which prices are great and friendly staff. I have read the reviews on Facebook and I'm grateful to say my experience was positive and I will be coming back.

Julie Denton Pedersen Oliver

We sat a box on a fire extinguisher in the back of our car and it went off. If you've never seen that before imagine a case of baby powder exploding in your car. They were able to get us in the next day, a Saturday, on Memorial Weekend, and get it cleaned up by the time I got off work. I'm very happy with the results, thank you!

Paige B Padigimus

Went through a gas station car wash, came out and the tri color soap had chemical burned my car and turned my white car... rainbow colored! I drove over to new image and their 2 guys spent 10 minutes scrubbing every inch of my car to get it all off. I will definitely be coming back. Thanks!

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New Image Car Wash is the largest car detail shop in Idaho.
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